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Aspiring Stylist.

Hi there,

I just got the call... I applied to Vancouver Island University two months ago. Got my pre-acceptance letter in April telling me I am on the waiting list. The program usually has a one year waiting list. I have no idea how my profile got bumped to the top but I am ecstatic. Any tips on what to expect my first day? Things to do/ not to do? I am a sponge waiting to be filled with knowledge!

I have a friend who does some substitute teaching at the university. She has recently told me a story about one of her students. The student asked her to give her marks for something that she did not complete. Of course my friend says no. The student replies "it's not like I want to be a hairstylist anyway...." I was outraged to hear that there are people out there taking up spots in hairdressing programs that do not want to be there. Most likely becoming a hack and turning out many horrible cuts etc. How often do people like this make their way into the industry?
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