the number one princess of the world ♪ (satsucake) wrote in stylists,
the number one princess of the world ♪

Coloring Hair

Hi everyone. I'm new in this community. I really need help and I don't know where to ask..

My original hair color is black. In the past three years, I had always permanently dyed it to brown (never bleached it). However 3 months ago, I needed black hair to perform in some events. I didn't have time to buy wig, so I used semi-permanent (toning) black hair color. So..., the black color in my hair has faded over time. It isn't as black as when I just colored it, but it's still black. And now, I need my hair to be brown again. Can I just use the same permanent brown color to my hair, over the black that hasn't completely come out? Do you have any suggestion?

I hope this is the right place to ask this. I beg for your help, and I'm sorry for taking your time. Thank you so much in advance!
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