Nicole (or a derivative thereof) (marshmallowmeow) wrote in stylists,
Nicole (or a derivative thereof)

Paul Mitchell stylists, are you out there?

Hello! I'm not a stylist, but I'm looking for a stylist, so hopefully this is okay. I see there are a lot of people in this community, so maybe someone can help me out. I've just moved to Terre Haute, IN (it is about an hour and a half away from Indianapolis, IN). I am looking for a stylist that uses Paul Mitchell color either here, or in the Indianapolis area. It seems like all I can find here is salons that use Redken, which is okay, but I'd rather stick with the color I have in my hair, plus I quite like Paul Mitchell products, and would rather not change, unless otherwise forced to. I tried using the Salon Locator on the Paul Mitchell website, but it didn't help me tons. I was looking for a Focus salon rather then a Signature salon, but would definitely go for someone who worked at a Signature salon, if they kept up-to-date with color and cutting education, so my hair wasn't a complete mystery to them and I could get what I wanted.

Thanks in advance! :)
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