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Scissor Help!!!

I need HELP. I lost my whole scissor pouch recently:( That means my barbering scissors, my hairdressing scissors, my thinners and my styling razor!!! As I can't really afford to replace them at the moment I'm just looking to get some 5.5" scissors, as a middle ground especially as I do more barbering nowadays, and a pair of thinners but I just can't decide! I need a pair that aren't micro serrated and that don't cost more than £100 for each pair as I work in a barbers and it's just not worth it. The blades dull really easily when I'm constantly cutting hair full of gel, plaster, grit, grease etc!!! And I want them to look a little bit funky!!!!

Some I'm looking at are :
Jay2 (Jaguar) 1.1 5.75"
Washi Colours Apple Green/purple/violet 5.5"
Passion Osaka Safari 5.5"
Tondeo Spider Slice 5.5"
Jaguar Jaguart Jungle 5.5"
Kodo Professional Adjustable 6"

What I want to know is if anyone has any experience with these, or heck just tell me what you use(and any ideas for thinners, I need ones that aren't too chunky)!!! TIA!!!!

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