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i don't know where to even begin now that i am licensed. i am confident in the majority of what i do, but still the whole out on your own without your instructors to help you is absolutely dreadful. i've worked in three salons already. the first two i've left due to no walk ins and confrontation between the stylists, the boss, and myself teaming up because they felt i did nothing but sit and the few clientel i had (which obviously when you first start off is friends and family) was barely anything and the second was just long hours and no walks in. what i've learned from those experiences is that i need to work on my skills, build up my speed, and become more intune with what i am doing. i have been looking all over southern california, los angeles area, for salons who'd give me the opportunity to be hands on and assist, but even with an impressive resume i am overlooked! any advice and words of encouragement would be great. should i take classes at vidal or another high end school? i do know that i at the moment do not feel 100% confident to rent a booth and infact i love assisting. i feel i get so much more out of that then i do being my own boss.

also if you're an owner of a salon or work in such a salon that is happy to give back to newcoming stylists i'd greatly appreciate all the help, learning, and knowledge you could hand me. i'm a sponge and i always find myself learning even the simplest of new tricks of the trade.

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