shear_perfect (shear_perfect) wrote in stylists,

Please help me with this hair coloring problem!!! ASAP

I am having a major issue. I am a new hairstylist and im in need of some advice on what i should do about a hair problem. I have a client coming in tomorrow morning to get a color fix. She is of spanish decent and her natural hair is almost a black color..maybe very dark brown ...level 2 or maybe 3....She has been dying her hair out of a box ...BLONDE! Her roots are black about 2 inches , brown about 3 inches past that then blonde the rest of the way down which is about 10 inches or so.
She wants to go all blonde, but not sure how to get her that natural blonde that she is wanting.
Should i do a 40 volume bleach application for the roots then 30 volume on the brown midshaft....wash out then apply blonde....or should i go about it another do i  apply it....i never had this problem brought up in school.

Please help me, im confused and i only have about 11 hours to decide what im going to do :(

Salon Stressed.....

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