Niklar (doomfairy) wrote in stylists,

My dilemma!

First of all, hi,my name's Nikki!  I'm 20 years old and currently working as a barber part time.  Yep, that's just a load of gents everyday.
I originally started off hairdressing but after college strugled to find a job:(  I took one in a salon I thought was nice, it turned out not to be and it's sort of soured my hairdressing outlook!  I hated the figure crunching, the constant pressure of sales, the spreadsheets, the bad atmosphere and constant "team meetings".  So I left.  That was over a year ago now and the shop I was in has since closed down (bad management!!)  I carried on working in the barbers that I was in part time.  I love the laid back atmosphere and the banter, it's basically a walk in shop, we don't take appointments, but it does get BORING!  When I started off training I just wanted to specialise in colour, and now I do none:(  So my question is what should I do to get back into it?!

Should I write to a larger company, such as Toni and Guy and ask them for extra training and explain how I want to end up as a top colour technician/trainer?
Should I approach a local salon and ask them for part time work to build even more experience?

Am I just going to land myself in a bad situation again, should I just stay put?  (The owner of the salon I used to be in is regional manager for a much larger company, so I know his management techniques are being used elsewhere) I should mention I work in the barbers 2 days a week and I also have a bar job (which I LOVE) at the weekends so would ideally get another part time job to merge.  I am thinking about cutting my hours back at the bar though, oh decisions!!!  Don't you hate it when you come to a crossroads in your life?!
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