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Bleaching my dark brown hair? and/or going blonde?!

So here's about me: I'm not a cosmetologist yet, but am going to school in July to be one. I have dyed my hair fushica and bright blue before, but don't remember what I did for bleach. I think I had to bleach it twice because of the red undertones. Anyway, I'm 19 and want to dye it rainow soon. Can you please help me out? And can you tell me what the best products are after I bleach it and dye shampoo and conditioner? And any suggestions on doing the rainbow thing?? I will have my friend do it though. Thanks :)

Here is my natural hair: 1. for the color

2. for the length:

What would be the best way to bleach my hair at home? The best bleach? Could I go blonde for now and what blonde would you suggest? I really want to go blonde for some reason, but not bleach blonde or platinum blonde. Something that'd look good on me. Please help me. I know its a lot of questions, but I need them answered please! Thanks.
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