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25th January 2011

lil_angelfuk11:52pm: I just did a video on feather hair extensions.... WATCH IT

8th November 2010

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9th July 2010

satsucake9:07pm: Coloring Hair
Hi everyone. I'm new in this community. I really need help and I don't know where to ask..

My original hair color is black. In the past three years, I had always permanently dyed it to brown (never bleached it). However 3 months ago, I needed black hair to perform in some events. I didn't have time to buy wig, so I used semi-permanent (toning) black hair color. So..., the black color in my hair has faded over time. It isn't as black as when I just colored it, but it's still black. And now, I need my hair to be brown again. Can I just use the same permanent brown color to my hair, over the black that hasn't completely come out? Do you have any suggestion?

I hope this is the right place to ask this. I beg for your help, and I'm sorry for taking your time. Thank you so much in advance!

13th June 2010

malignantdeify2:42am: Save the Gulf, Get a Haircut!!!
I hope you all are cutting hair to save the Gulf!  My salon has been saving the hair we cut and putting it in bags to donate to help make hair booms for the oil spill.  =)  I hope your salon is doing the same.  We need as much clean human hair as possible!!!!!!!!!
Check out matteroftrust.org for more info on where to send your bags of hair!
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12th June 2010

vikingwarrior12:26pm: Aspiring Stylist.
Hi there,

I just got the call... I applied to Vancouver Island University two months ago. Got my pre-acceptance letter in April telling me I am on the waiting list. The program usually has a one year waiting list. I have no idea how my profile got bumped to the top but I am ecstatic. Any tips on what to expect my first day? Things to do/ not to do? I am a sponge waiting to be filled with knowledge!

I have a friend who does some substitute teaching at the university. She has recently told me a story about one of her students. The student asked her to give her marks for something that she did not complete. Of course my friend says no. The student replies "it's not like I want to be a hairstylist anyway...." I was outraged to hear that there are people out there taking up spots in hairdressing programs that do not want to be there. Most likely becoming a hack and turning out many horrible cuts etc. How often do people like this make their way into the industry?
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9th April 2010

marshmallowmeow3:59pm: Paul Mitchell stylists, are you out there?
Hello! I'm not a stylist, but I'm looking for a stylist, so hopefully this is okay. I see there are a lot of people in this community, so maybe someone can help me out. I've just moved to Terre Haute, IN (it is about an hour and a half away from Indianapolis, IN). I am looking for a stylist that uses Paul Mitchell color either here, or in the Indianapolis area. It seems like all I can find here is salons that use Redken, which is okay, but I'd rather stick with the color I have in my hair, plus I quite like Paul Mitchell products, and would rather not change, unless otherwise forced to. I tried using the Salon Locator on the Paul Mitchell website, but it didn't help me tons. I was looking for a Focus salon rather then a Signature salon, but would definitely go for someone who worked at a Signature salon, if they kept up-to-date with color and cutting education, so my hair wasn't a complete mystery to them and I could get what I wanted.

Thanks in advance! :)

16th March 2010

mage136:50pm: coloring hair
I was thinking of coloring strips of my hair green with a sharpie perment marker, or using a highlighter. Does anyone know if this would work? I also need to be able to wash it out with one night of washing.


9th February 2010

ilfaitbonvivre2:02pm: Redken color certification
I'm planning on taking the exam for Redken color certification. I was wondering what anyone else who has taken the test thought about the experience. What should I expect? What should I study the most? I know there is a study kit, but what exactly comes in the kit? What aditional things will I need to take the exam, and are there any additional materials I should study?


18th January 2010

doomfairy6:39pm: Scissor Help!!!
I need HELP. I lost my whole scissor pouch recently:( That means my barbering scissors, my hairdressing scissors, my thinners and my styling razor!!! As I can't really afford to replace them at the moment I'm just looking to get some 5.5" scissors, as a middle ground especially as I do more barbering nowadays, and a pair of thinners but I just can't decide! I need a pair that aren't micro serrated and that don't cost more than £100 for each pair as I work in a barbers and it's just not worth it. The blades dull really easily when I'm constantly cutting hair full of gel, plaster, grit, grease etc!!! And I want them to look a little bit funky!!!!

Some I'm looking at are :
Jay2 (Jaguar) 1.1 5.75"
Washi Colours Apple Green/purple/violet 5.5"
Passion Osaka Safari 5.5"
Tondeo Spider Slice 5.5"
Jaguar Jaguart Jungle 5.5"
Kodo Professional Adjustable 6"

What I want to know is if anyone has any experience with these, or heck just tell me what you use(and any ideas for thinners, I need ones that aren't too chunky)!!! TIA!!!!

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5th November 2009

majesticjac12:33am: Hi- I'm not sure if this is appropriate for this community, as I'm not actually a hair stylist. However, I'm wanting to get my hair cut soon and have some questions about a hairstyle and was hoping I might find some answers here. If this isn't the community to do this at, please let me know and I'll delete.

Basically, this is the haircut I want.Collapse )

27th October 2009

audraria11:39pm: So I've been doing hair for about 7 years but i went to school/quit,etc. I finally recieved my license in illinois and now I work in a salo where I booth rent. however,I need some advice on taxes,etc.

22nd September 2009

hairsprayandoi1:41am: x-posted to hair_stylists
i don't know where to even begin now that i am licensed. i am confident in the majority of what i do, but still the whole out on your own without your instructors to help you is absolutely dreadful. i've worked in three salons already. the first two i've left due to no walk ins and confrontation between the stylists, the boss, and myself teaming up because they felt i did nothing but sit and the few clientel i had (which obviously when you first start off is friends and family) was barely anything and the second was just long hours and no walks in. what i've learned from those experiences is that i need to work on my skills, build up my speed, and become more intune with what i am doing. i have been looking all over southern california, los angeles area, for salons who'd give me the opportunity to be hands on and assist, but even with an impressive resume i am overlooked! any advice and words of encouragement would be great. should i take classes at vidal or another high end school? i do know that i at the moment do not feel 100% confident to rent a booth and infact i love assisting. i feel i get so much more out of that then i do being my own boss.

also if you're an owner of a salon or work in such a salon that is happy to give back to newcoming stylists i'd greatly appreciate all the help, learning, and knowledge you could hand me. i'm a sponge and i always find myself learning even the simplest of new tricks of the trade.


29th August 2009

candyapplesmile11:51am: Maintainer: please delete if unauthorized!
I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I wanted to name-drop a new community I'm interested in starting called snipsnip_stab. It's basically a place to share outrageous/ridiculous stories about troublesome (or just plain strange) clients and/or experiences that we as professionals meet as we go about our business.

Check it out, if you're interested!

24th July 2009

Bonjour all,

I am a student at the Aveda Institute, Toronto. I have a project caled Creative Imagery and I need hair models! Free cut, colour and PROFESSIONAL photographs! Model call will take place July 28th, at 5pm. Please contact me if you're interested! My email is a-walker@live.ca or you can call me at 647-213-3549



16th June 2009

acidic_flower2:58am: Curly Hair!
You know, I have it, but I sure as hell don't know how to cut it. That's a lie. I CAN, but I'm not FANTASTIC at it.

Tips and tricks and must-haves, anybody? I've got a curly haired client coming in on Friday and since my knowledge is so limited, I would like to make sure I can give her a good cut. If not, I'll need to pass her on to the other stylist.

10th June 2009

caribbeankaren5:56pm: In need of a stylist
I'm not sure if this is allowed here, I apologize if it isn't.

I am new to Arlington, Texas and am looking for a salon/stylist in the area (Dallas-Ft Worth area.) In Arlington would be preferable. I will be needing blonde highlights in the next month. Any recommendations or suggestions welcome! Thank you!


5th June 2009

shear_perfect11:07pm: Please help me with this hair coloring problem!!! ASAP
I am having a major issue. I am a new hairstylist and im in need of some advice on what i should do about a hair problem. I have a client coming in tomorrow morning to get a color fix. She is of spanish decent and her natural hair is almost a black color..maybe very dark brown ...level 2 or maybe 3....She has been dying her hair out of a box ...BLONDE! Her roots are black about 2 inches , brown about 3 inches past that then blonde the rest of the way down which is about 10 inches or so.
She wants to go all blonde, but not sure how to get her that natural blonde that she is wanting.
Should i do a 40 volume bleach application for the roots then 30 volume on the brown midshaft....wash out then apply blonde....or should i go about it another way....how do i  apply it....i never had this problem brought up in school.

Please help me, im confused and i only have about 11 hours to decide what im going to do :(

Salon Stressed.....

audraria4:55pm: im building a portfolio and this is what I have thus far.
The first one is my mother. I did the hair only. the photography and make up were done by a close friend of mine.the second is my friend emily.

hold on,hold in to yourself...Collapse )
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24th May 2009

doomfairy6:49pm: My dilemma!
First of all, hi,my name's Nikki!  I'm 20 years old and currently working as a barber part time.  Yep, that's just a load of gents everyday.
I originally started off hairdressing but after college strugled to find a job:(  I took one in a salon I thought was nice, it turned out not to be and it's sort of soured my hairdressing outlook!  I hated the figure crunching, the constant pressure of sales, the spreadsheets, the bad atmosphere and constant "team meetings".  So I left.  That was over a year ago now and the shop I was in has since closed down (bad management!!)  I carried on working in the barbers that I was in part time.  I love the laid back atmosphere and the banter, it's basically a walk in shop, we don't take appointments, but it does get BORING!  When I started off training I just wanted to specialise in colour, and now I do none:(  So my question is what should I do to get back into it?!

Should I write to a larger company, such as Toni and Guy and ask them for extra training and explain how I want to end up as a top colour technician/trainer?
Should I approach a local salon and ask them for part time work to build even more experience?

Am I just going to land myself in a bad situation again, should I just stay put?  (The owner of the salon I used to be in is regional manager for a much larger company, so I know his management techniques are being used elsewhere) I should mention I work in the barbers 2 days a week and I also have a bar job (which I LOVE) at the weekends so would ideally get another part time job to merge.  I am thinking about cutting my hours back at the bar though, oh decisions!!!  Don't you hate it when you come to a crossroads in your life?!
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22nd March 2009

fatal_kisss7:14pm: Hi, my name's Taryn.
I'm 18 and I plan on going to school for cosmetology in the fall.

My question is: Should I start learning techniques BEFORE I start school? Should I research online? If I don't am I going to be totally embarassed? If I need to what're your suggestions for educational resources?

Thanks guys :D

26th February 2009

iloveadambryant2:06pm: Bleaching my dark brown hair? and/or going blonde?!

So here's about me: I'm not a cosmetologist yet, but am going to school in July to be one. I have dyed my hair fushica and bright blue before, but don't remember what I did for bleach. I think I had to bleach it twice because of the red undertones. Anyway, I'm 19 and want to dye it rainow soon. Can you please help me out? And can you tell me what the best products are after I bleach it and dye it....like shampoo and conditioner? And any suggestions on doing the rainbow thing?? I will have my friend do it though. Thanks :)

Here is my natural hair: 1. for the color http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h211/Chrispy3/?action=view&current=l_6045425859dd43bfa254a37b58c38b28.jpg

2. for the length: http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h211/Chrispy3/?action=view&current=l_8c758dea75ee413fa26b7493fcda3a16.jpg

What would be the best way to bleach my hair at home? The best bleach? Could I go blonde for now and what blonde would you suggest? I really want to go blonde for some reason, but not bleach blonde or platinum blonde. Something that'd look good on me. Please help me. I know its a lot of questions, but I need them answered please! Thanks.
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22nd January 2009

chaos327:14pm: Newbieeeee

just wanted to intruduce myself



Bellingham, WA

Currently a student at Toni and Guy

Possibly transfering to Gene Juarez

Set to graduate in August 09.

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21st January 2009

xxhcoaf07xx12:43am: POST
post a picture of your favorite hair style
if not ur favorite
just something you like

17th January 2009

candyapplesmile12:26pm: shears, anyone?
Alright guys, so with the economy the way it is, work (obviously) has been slow.

I am in need of some kickass new shears, (I would love texturizing too, but for now let's stick to the basics) but I would like to spend the least money possible and still get something that will be quality and last me a while.

Any recommendations?

16th January 2009

everybone1:40am: Self-Employed Cosmetologists!
Would love another professional to chat with about everyday self employment as a hair stylist.
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